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Download a pdf document below detailing all the Y-Adventure activities available including activity description, locations and costs.


Adventure based learning games are various cooperative games, trust building, problem solving, and decision making activities purposefully arranged in sequential order.

We provide a variety of activities and games at any venue inside or out. We tailor-make programmes to achieve the objectives of team bonding, teamwork and to create co-operation and just have fun. We work with numbers from 4 to 60.

Our ABL games include - Top Team events, Amazing Races, Survival Challenges, Enigma Challenge and individual games.


Going down a steep cliff or drop while being kept safe by rope systems. Participants are equipped with harness and helmet, instructed in descent techniques and then will lower themselves down the cliff.

Participants are challenged to face fears, to step outside their comfort zone, to encourage their peers, and to build trust and confidence within ones self.

Duration: Dependent on venue, number of participants, number of instructors required. We work on 8-12 people an hour.

Venues include Te Mata Peak, Sturm’s Gully (Bluff Hill), and many more.


Set in the beautiful suburbs of Ahuriri or Havelock North, participants use orienteering skills and strategy to race to as many markers as possible. Each location has information to collect, or challenges to complete to earn points. Teams race to gather as many points as possible in a certain time frame. So be fast, be strategic but most importantly don’t be late!

1-4 hours.


Archery brings a chance for young people to see themselves succeed and improve. It builds focus and friendly competition with both yourself and others.

Our Archery activity can be used almost anywhere. Our experienced instructors can come to your school, to a domain or camp or you can come to us. With our backdrop netting we can run archery sessions in a hall or gym.

Duration: 1.5 hour sessions, half day sessions


Archery soft is a thrilling archery game that is a mix of dodgeball, paintball, and archery in a fast-paced game designed to get you moving and your adrenaline flowing! Players move around aiming to hit each other with non-lethal arrows to score points or eliminate opposing team members, while avoiding being a target themselves.

It is a kids 9yrs +, family and group friendly sport that combines the intensity and excitement of Dodge Ball and the skillset of archery with patented foam tipped arrows. Think paintball, but without the bruises!

Great for birthday parties, team building, fun events, fund raising or corporate days out.

Duration: Sessions can last an hour, half a day, or a whole day. Up to 10 people on each team, games typically last 10 minutes before switching teams. Can be played inside or outside.


Experience the thrill of walking 15m above a vigorous river out in the New Zealand wilderness with the bridge above you (not below). Equipped with safety harness, helmets and safety anchored to our safety lines the participants walk the structure under the bridge with, at times, nothing between them and the flowing waters.

Kuripapango, 1 hour from Napier.


Bring out the Bear Grylls in your group. Using a variety of locations sessions can be run to cover a range of topics in the fantastic New Zealand Bush. We can run sessions to include:

Knife skills
Fire lighting
Camp cooking
Billy stew
River safety
River crossings
Search and rescue
Outdoor first aid
Flax weaving
Sling making and use
Building survival shelters


Join us to wonder at the beauties of the unseen underground world. Squeeze through the subterranean wonderland. You’ll see stalactites and the stalagmites, wildlife, large caverns and tight squeezes. There is even a waterfall!

Follow a water way the unique cave environment. Get up close and personal to cave weta, glow worms and other cave fauna. You will get wet and possibly muddy in this cave as the water can be up to your waist.

Half day sessions to while day sessions at Opouahi Caves in Tutira.


Canadian Canoes have been around in various forms for hundreds of years. They are great fun to paddle, but also build teamwork, communication and paddling skills.

Enjoy a great session paddling these beauties and enjoying being on the water.

Duration: Half a day, whole day, multi day sessions. Locations include Pandora Pond, Tukituki River, Clive and more.


Equipped with safety harnesses, helmets and safely anchored to our safety lines walk out onto cliff ledges high above the ground. After training and working together participants venture out onto the cliff face. The height and trepidation are real!

Half a day, or a whole day. This activity can be combined with a cave trip or a
gorge trip or Canadian canoeing all close at hand. 


Be challenged and thrilled as your group haul you to great heights, safely equipped with a harness and helmet. Enjoy the view from a greater elevation suspended from the rope. This activity develops resilience, courage and gratefulness as well as requiring cooperation and communication. We run this activity in partnership with the Guthrie Smith Trust.

1-2 hours, location is 40 minutes north of Napier.


Have a lot of fun, build water confidence and learn key paddling skills in our inflatable canoes (Funyaks). Stable, versatile and forgiving these craft provide the basis for a lot of fun and building team work skills. We can run these sessions in a variety of locations to suit you. We provide all safety equipment and talented instructors.

Duration: 1.5 hours, half days, whole day trips. Locations include Ahuriri Harbours, Port Beach or Pandora Pond in Napier, Evers-Swindell Reserve in Clive, Lake Tutira or Waikapiro.


Designed for confidence and team building, the awesome high ropes course will challenge you physically as well as providing you with an environment for team work, confidence building, co-operation and communication. Learn to walk the beam, cross the wires or conquer the three wire bridge. Work with a partner to defeat the dangle duo or the vertical play pen. Or face your fears and jump for the trapeze from the top of the pole! We run this activity in partnership with the Guthrie Smith Trust.

Half day, whole day and multi day sessions. Location is 40 minutes north of Napier.


Using a variety of activities and learning styles, participants will be introduced to map reading and navigation techniques. Sequenced activities will bring success as participants learn to find locations and markers in a predetermined or self-planned series. In pairs or teams, participants battle against the clock to decode the map and find the markers before times runs out.


Keen to learn how to make a trap or fire and survive in the bush? Then overnight survival is for you. Tramp into the campsite and learn about the flora and fauna along the way. Try your camp cooking skills out on cookers or a fire.

Make a bivvy for you and your friends to sleep under. Instructors will provide their expertise on how to pack and what to pack as well as what food you should bring along. Learn about the ‘leave no trace’ principle and discover the wonders of the native bush.

Duration: Overnight. Locations can vary.


Raft building is educational as well as great fun. Work together effectively as a team to plan, design and build a raft that is able to do a specific task on flat water. Instruction is given on tying knots, construction and safety. We will provide you with suitable items to build your raft with – as well as suitable safety gear and buoyancy aids. Rafts are then raced in sheltered water conditions.

2-3 hours. Locations all around Hawkes Bay.


Come on an amazing adventure though farm land over hills, high bush, paddocks, weaving in, out and through an amazing environment to visit amazing pools and waterfalls that turn into natural waterslides! Great places to jump off, slide down and swim.

Whole day expedition to make it to the waterfalls and back.


Want to explore some of New Zealand’s most amazing native bush? Pack your bag and head off on an adventure. Tramping can either be a single day or a multi-day trip carrying all the equipment you require (clothes, bedding, tents, food and cooking equipment or just lunch and gear to get you through the day).

Locations are dependent on age, ability, fitness level: aimed to take you out of your comfort zone. Tramp to a hut or campsite for the night and learn about the flora and fauna, how to make a trap and build a fire.

Duration: Single day, over night, multi day trips. Locations all over Hawkes Bay and beyond.


Want to get wet but enjoy floating down the river. We’ll equip you with inner tubes, ropes and paddles, safety guides and guides. Participant’s will learn some simple knots and build tube rafts for an amazing trip down the river.

Duration: will vary depending on the location chosen to float.

Tukituki Float Trip
Enjoy a trip down the magnificent Tukituki rIver. Enjoy the sounds of the birds and sheep and the sound of the river winding its way downstream under the sight of Te Mata Peak. We provide your safety equipment and very competent guides and our forgiving and easy to paddle funyaks make this trip a delight.

Duration: 2-5 hours depending on river flow, group and trip length.