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Are you looking for something a little different for your next team building or social event?

Our team is highly skilled and can create fun filled adventure-based activities for your team. We offer one hour, half day, full day and multi-day team building and team bonding programmes and activities. We tailor make our events to suit your requirements, but all of our team building activities are interactive, full of adventure and will bring out the best in your team. Something that will provide a little more stimulation than your average water cooler gossip or the occasional office birthday cake.  The YMCA Hawke's Bay has you covered with a wide range of fun outdoor activities.

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Team Building and Team Bonding

Yes, they are different! They both serve to enhance your team, but in different ways.

Team Building
Teambuilding refers to the process of making a group of individuals into a team. It may involve activities, but it will also involve some form of facilitation. When objectives change or when a team member leaves and is replaced then team dynamics change.

Team building is an intervention into natural process designed to improve the outcome. To build your team is to directly invest in their skills and working dynamics to create more efficient and effective ways of working.

This concept recognizes that each member has their own skills and by working as one, the team is that much stronger – synergy. Team building games and activities help your team to learn how to work with each other better. They also help build skills such as problem solving and communication, both lessons to learn and relate to work in your business on a daily basis.

Team Bonding
Team bonding is an ongoing process through which teams become closer and build trust and ease of communication. Bonding involves investing in shared experiences that serve to build culture, social cohesion and shared team identity, increasing loyalty to one another and to the team.

One popular way of helping this process is through positive shared experiences in the form of fun activities. Friendships deepen through sharing experiences and it’s the same with teams. These shared experiences can be positive and negative. Often working conditions are sufficient to give these experiences but sometimes the negative can be more common and so a fun team bonding day can help restore balance.

Team bonding can indirectly increase productivity and retention.

Catering Options
We have the ability to provide packed lunches, catered lunches or barbecues to suit your budget and objectives.

If you would like to discuss your next corporate team building or social event with us and see what we can do for you please contact us on 06 878 3027.




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