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Chill for mental wellbeing

“Children these days lead jam-packed lives and by the end of the school term, they can be pretty tired so we’re consciously including less busy days in our holiday programmes,” says Adelle Singer, OSCAR Manager, who heads up our holiday programme team.

“We think it’s important we have some time that is more relaxed, not so structured and heavily organised so children can decide for themselves how they spend their time. I love it when I see kids reading a book or just sitting together chatting and developing friendships.”

The concept was in evidence in the pre-Christmas holiday programme that ran for the short time between schools closing and Christmas last year. Juniors and seniors were combined in two sites – Taradale and Hastings with around 80 children present each day.

The feedback has been that both the children and staff enjoyed the slower pace and the opportunity to reboot. “There’s real benefit in children being able to play for play’s sake. It’s important we don’t lose sight of that and micro-manage them all the time.”

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