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​WINZ Assistance

All YMCA Hawke’s Bay programmes qualify for WINZ assistance and our customer service staff can work with you to define eligibility and possible level of support. The daily charge minus the WINZ contribution and any other related charges are regarded as the parent portion.

We can assist in your completion of WINZ documentation if applicable. WINZ in some instances can assist with full care costs and applies for Before School, After School and Holiday Programmes up to the age of, but not including, 14.

Terms of Trade

  • We are a registered charity and our terms of trade state that payments are due one week before the start of the programme.
  • You are responsible for all bookings and agree to pay fees in advance or as they become due.
  • Failure to make payment under these terms may result in additional action which could include further charges and/or exclusion from services.
  • Please note no monies can be directly received at the programme sites.