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Need for speed for Adelle

When she’s not creating fun filled programmes for children in YMCA Hawke’s Bay care, Adelle Singer can be found at the speedway track or riding her motorcycle around rural Hawke’s Bay.

Adelle started as Oscar Manager about three and a half years ago. She says it’s a privilege to work for a community organisation with such strong values and commitment to the local community.

“While it wasn’t something I was necessarily looking for when I decided to give up teaching, the fit couldn’t have been better. And given all the time I spent as a volunteer in my youth, it was not surprising that I have felt at home in this role from the beginning.

“I love the challenge of creating interesting holiday programmes that leave the children smiling. The biggest challenge is meeting the sometimes-competing needs of our families, the children, the staff, and our organisations. However, I’m conscious that if a child needs to be in an OSCAR programme then it’s our job to make that as fun as possible and as close to the experiences they would have if they were at home.”

Hastings born and bred, only leaving for study and an OE in her late teens and early twenties, Adelle is married to a local man. Together they have three children, two are studying and learning in their chosen fields, and one is still at high school.

“My family is very used to me seeing any new experience as a possible OSCAR activity and most shopping trips end up with purchases for the YMCA programmes.”

And as for the motorbikes – Adelle is a keen supporter of her son’s speedway endeavours and loves to explore the rural roads of the Bay on her own bike.